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January and Back from Vacation

  • Posted on
  • By John McHenry
January and Back from Vacation

I’ve never been a in favor for New Year’s Resolutions.
The problem is resolutions are usually tiresome, require too much forced commitment, and tend to drain momentum, the oxygen of sustained commitments, rather than build it. And it's why most people never stick their resolutions.

On the other hand, dedicating to evolve matches our revolutionary spirit. It encapsulates something unknown, exciting, and adventurous. Momentum is baked in at the start and just grows.

So we resolve to evolve,,

We are back from Vacation and there are a pleather of new products on the market. So I will tell you, now is the time to plan your new bike or upgrade your current bike. Inventories are in good shape so this is going to be the best Spring for getting the bike you really wanted in years!

Also to celebrate the New Year we have some rocking' deals on mountain bikes from Cannondale and Gazelle as well as some gravel bikes, city bikes and even a sweet tandem!

See you soon!